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control systems

Semester : IV

Course Code : 18EC43

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Introduction to Control Systems: Types of Control Systems, Effect of Feedback Systems, Differential equation of Physical Systems –Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Electromechanical systems, Analogous Systems.


Block diagrams and signal flow graphs: Transfer functions, Block diagram algebra and Signal Flow Graphs. 


Time Response of feedback control systems: Standard test signals, the Unit step response of First and Second-order Systems. Time response specifications, Time response specifications of second-order systems, steady-state errors and error constants. Introduction to PI, PD and PID Controllers (excluding design).


Stability analysis: Concepts of stability, Necessary conditions for Stability, Routhstability criterion, Relative stability analysis: more on the Routh stability criterion.
Introduction to Root-Locus Techniques, The root locus concepts, Construction of rootloci.
Frequency domain analysis and stability: Correlation between time and frequency response, Bode Plots, Experimental determination of transfer function. 


Introduction to Polar Plots, (Inverse Polar Plots excluded) Mathematical preliminaries, Nyquist Stability criterion, (System s with transportation lag excluded)
Introduction to lead, lag and lead-lag compensating networks (excluding design).
Introduction to State variable analysis: Concepts of state, state variable and state models for electrical systems, Solution of state equations.