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Data Structures And Applications (DSA) BCS304 - 22 Scheme VTU Notes

Subject code

Module - 1

INTRODUCTION TO DATA STRUCTURES: Data Structures, Classifications (Primitive & Non-Primitive), Data structure Operations Review of pointers and dynamic Memory Allocation, ARRAYS and STRUCTURES: Arrays, Dynamic Allocated Arrays, Structures and Unions, Polynomials, Sparse Matrices, representation of Multidimensional Arrays, Strings STACKS: Stacks, Stacks Using Dynamic Arrays, Evaluation and conversion of Expressions

Module - 2

QUEUES: Queues, Circular Queues, Using Dynamic Arrays, Multiple Stacks and queues. LINKED LISTS : Singly Linked, Lists and Chains, Representing Chains in C, Linked Stacks and Queues, Polynomials

Module - 3

LINKED LISTS : Additional List Operations, Sparse Matrices, Doubly Linked List. TREES: Introduction, Binary Trees, Binary Tree Traversals, Threaded Binary Trees.

Module - 4

TREES(Cont..): Binary Search trees, Selection Trees, Forests, Representation of Disjoint sets, Counting Binary Trees, GRAPHS: The Graph Abstract Data Types, Elementary Graph Operations

Module - 5

HASHING: Introduction, Static Hashing, Dynamic Hashing PRIORITY QUEUES: Single and double-ended Priority Queues, Leftist Trees INTRODUCTION TO EFFICIENT BINARY SEARCH TREES: Optimal Binary Search Trees