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Semester : VII

Course Code : 18CV71

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

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 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Quantity Estimation for Building: study of various drawing attached with estimates, important terms, units of measurements, abstract, Types of estimates. Estimation of building by Short wall and long wall method – centre line method. Estimate of R.C.C structures including Slab, beam, column, footings.


Estimate of Steel truss, manhole and septic tanks and slab culvert. Quantity Estimation for Roads: Computation of volume of earthwork fully in banking, cutting, partly cutting and partly Filling by mid-section, trapezoidal and Prismoidal Methods.


Specification for Civil Engineering Works: Objective of writing specifications essentials in specifications, general and detail specifications of different items of works in buildings and roads. Analysis of Rates : Factors Affecting Cost of Civil Works , Concept of Direct Cost , Indirect Cost and Project Cost Rate analysis and preparation of bills, Data analysis of rates for various items of Works, Sub-structure components, Rate analysis for R.C.C. slabs, columns and beams.


Contract Management-Tender and its Process: Invitation to tender, Prequalification, administrative approval & Technical sanction. Bid submission and Evaluation process. Contract Formulation: Letter of intent, Award of contract, letter of acceptance and notice to proceed. Features / elements of standard Tender document (source: PWD / CPWD / International Competitive Bidding – NHAI / NHEPC / NPC). Law of Contract as per Indian Contract act 1872, Types of Contract, Joint venture. Contract Forms: FIDIC contract Forms, CPWD, NHAI, NTPC, NHEPC.


Contract Management-Post award :Basic understanding on definitions, Performance security, Mobilization and equipment advances, Secured Advance, Suspension of work, Time limit for completion, Liquidated damages and bonus, measurement and payment, additions and alterations or variations and deviations, breach of contract, Escalation, settlement of account or final payment, claims, Delay’s and Compensation, Disputes & its resolution mechanism, Contract management and administration. Valuation: Definitions of terms used in valuation process, Purpose of valuation, Cost, Estimate, Value and its relationship, Capitalized value. Freehold and lease hold and easement, Sinking fund, depreciation–methods of estimating depreciation, Outgoings, Process and methods of valuation: Rent fixation, valuation for mortgage, valuation of land.