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Civil Engineering Project Topics For Final Year Students

Civil Engineering Final year Project topics on Concrete, Structures, water resources, Geotechnology, surveying, transportation and Building construction for 4th semester/ Final year students.

Table of Contents

1.Civil Engineering Final year projects on Environmental Engineering

  1. A study on construction waste
  2. Approaches to greenbelt design
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment
  4. Bio Gas From Coral Organic Waste
  5. Green building for Quality living.
  6. Pollution study of river Tungabhadra
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  8. Study Of Recycling Industrial Effluent
  9. Vehicular Pollution Impact on Environment
  10. Effect Of Oil Spill On Marine Environment
  11. Utilisation And Recycling Of Treated Waste
  12. A Case Study Of Pollution In River Arkavathi
  13. Concept of Futuristic Buildings -Green Buildings
  14. The Environment-friendly Construction: Related News
  15. Recycling And Reuse Of Building Waste In Construction
  16. Study On Certain Pollution Parameters Of Bhadra River
  17. Off-Shore Drilling – Feasible methods to minimize cost
  18. What is E-construction? How can it save our planet Earth?
  19. Environmental Effect On Tungabhadra River Near Harihar Town
  20.  Eco-Friendly Fuels – Importance in big construction projects
  21. Environmental Impact Due To The Contamination Of Bellary Nalla
  22. Characterisation Of The Fort Lake For Its Quality And Pollution
  23. Energy Dissipation Flow Overenvironmental Aspects Of River Valley
  24. Environment Suitability For Locating Industries In Raichur Taluka
  25. Landslides Cause Environmental Hazards And Rehabilitation Measures
  26. Heavy Metal Pollution Due To Anthropogenic Activities – A Case Study Of Belgaum Fort Lake
  27. Air Pollution Monitoring ( Spm, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide) In And Around Mysore City
  28. A Study Of Physical Properties Of Fine-grained Soils Under Different Environmental Conditions
  29. Analysis Of The State Of Maryland’s Potential Participation In The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  30. A Study On Environmental Impact Assessment And Impact Management For The Proposed Auto Complex, Shimoga City.
  31. Study Of the Role Of Judiciary And Citizen In Environment Protection And Sustainable Development In Bidar District

2.Civil Engineering Final year projects on Irrigation & water resources Engineering.

  1. Ground Water Inventory
  2. Recycling Of Waste Water
  3. Dual-Purpose Water Supply
  4. Water Resources Engineering
  5. Water Supply And Sanitation
  6. New Development In Hdpe Pipes
  7. Domestic Water Treatment Plant
  8. Water Supply For Iggor Village
  9. Importance of Liners For Canals
  10. Study on Ground Water Inventory
  11. How to do the Desilting of Tanks
  12. Quality Analysis Of GroundWater
  13. Groundwater Pollution An Overview
  14. Rain Water Collection And Storage
  15. Novel Material For Water Treatment
  16. Water Quality Study Of Bhosga Tank
  17. Artificial Recharge Of GroundWater
  18. Analysis Of Textile Mill Waste Water
  19. Water Supply System In Chickballapur
  20. Pollution Study Of River Tunghabhadra
  21. The Rain Roof Water-harvesting System
  22. Water Pollution Due To A Textile Mill
  23. Development And Use Of Unit Hydrograph
  24. Planning Of Urban Water Supply Schemes
  25. Water Quality Study Of Bennitora River
  26. Conservation By Waste Water Reclamation
  27. Groundwater Recharge Through Wastewater
  28. Qualitative Analysis Of Irrigation Water
  29. Ground Water Inventory In Kotnur Village
  30. Portable Low-Cost Ferrocement Water Tank
  31. Roof Rainwater Harvesting – A Case Study
  32. Biosorption Of Fluoride By Water Hyacinth
  33. Underwater Sound System Location In India
  34. Water Quality Monitoring Of Madiwala Lake
  35. Defluoridation Of Water Using Tamarind Gel
  36. Characteristics Of Silk Reeling Waste Water
  37. Ground Water Inventory In Nandikoor Village
  38. Ground Water Quality Analysis In Bidar Town
  39. Ground Water Quality In Udapi Municipal Area
  40. A Case Study Of Pollution In River Arkavathi
  41. Ground Water Quality Evaluation Karkala Town
  42. Ground Water Studies In Hejmadi Kodi Village
  43. Study Of Water Supply System To Bijapur City
  44. A comprehensive survey of Rain Water Diversion
  45. Analysis and design of Ferrocement Water Tank
  46. Walkway, Or A Small Car Bridge Over The River.
  47. Ground Water Quality Status In Mallathalli Area
  48. Rural Water Quality Survey Of Davanagere Taluk
  49. Status Report On Ground Water Quality In Tumkur

3.Civil Engineering Final year projects on Geotechnical Engineering.

  1.  Slope stability assessment along NH-4
  2. Estimation of soil shear strength using machine learning
  3. Stabilization of kaolinite clay using groundnut shell ash and onion peel powder
  4. Stability analysis of fly ash-bottom ash mix embankment
  5. Stability analysis of cut slope on a road alignment
  6. Clayey soil stabilization using surkhi and plastic bottles
  7. Productivity of chemical stabilizers on expansive soil
  8. Design of tunnel using the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM)
  9. Geotechnical behavior of randomly oriented fiber-reinforced pond ashes for road construction
  10. Cyclic pile load test on model piles in sand
  11. Stabilization of black cotton soil with lime and stone dust
  12. Geotechnical properties of waste materials for road construction
  13. Numerical modelling on slope stability
  14. Measurement of soil suction and soil water characteristic curve of unsaturated soils
  15. Interaction between pile and raft in piled raft foundation
  16. Shear strength parameters of Yamuna sand mixed with pond ash and lime
  17. Shear and dilation behaviour of rock joints
  18. Experimental determination of mechanical properties of construction waste
  19. Shear strength of sand reinforced with randomly distributed polypropylene fibers
  20. Effect of the configuration of RCC building subjected to seismic loading
  21. Enhancement of soil properties using basalt fiber stabilization technique
  22. Stability of excavated slopes due to negative excess porewater pressure
  23. Geosynthetic encased stone column study using finite element approach
  24. Design and stability study of cantilever retaining wall using GEO-5 software
  25. Study of geotechnical properties of oil-contaminated soil
  26. Physical modeling of rainfall-induced landslide
  27. Geotechnical properties of different soils using spectroscopy technique
  28. Correlation between soil shear strength and water content ratio as a substitute for liquidity index
  29. Bearing capacity of clayey soil reinforced with geogrid
  30. Determination of Nϒ values through the model test on Yamuna sand and Badarpur sand
  31. Study of soil stabilization using Kota stone dust on black cotton soil
  32. Effect of fiber length on polyester fiber reinforced soil
  33. Soil moisture retrieval using microwave remote sensing
  34. Load carrying capacity of reinforced pond ash beds
  35. Influence of natural polymer on geotechnical behaviour of silty sand
  36. Modification of soil properties using Bacillus Sphaericus
  37. Effect of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation (MICP) using Bacillus Clausii
  38. Stabilization of black cotton soil with lime and stone dust
  39. Numerical modelling of piled raft foundation
  40. Parametric study of embankment stability
  41. Relationship between compaction effort, hydraulic conductivity, and shear strength of compacted soils
  42. Rapid visual screening of different types of structures
  43. Dilatancy of silty sand at varied densities
  44. Geotechnical behaviour of pond ash mixed with marble slurry dust and lime
  45. Geotechnical characterization of some Indian rocks
  46. Establishment of an earthquake engineering laboratory
  47. Study of groundwater contamination due to landfills
  48. Comparative study of different landfill liner materials

4. Civil Engineering Final year projects on Surveying and levelling

  1. Advance Technology in surveying.
  2. Development of remote Monitoring system for civil engineering.
  3. Determination of road profile in an area.
  4. Use of contouring to find suitable places for different purposes.
  5. Use of GIS and remote sensing in surveying.
  6. Laser surveying, its application, advancements, pros and cons
  7. Applications of different surveying techniques for solving real-world problems.
  8. critical analysis of already conducted surveys for different projects

5. Civil Engineering Final year projects on Earthquake Engineering

  1. Analysis of Seismic Demand in different structural members
  2. Advanced Earthquake Resistant Techniques
  3. Seismic isolation devices
  4. Energy dissipation devices for seismic design
  5. Reservoir induced seismicity
  6. Failure of foundation due to earthquake
  7. Cost Benefit Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Structures
  8. Confined vs Brick Masonry Buildings
  9. Seismic Behavior Analysis Of Different Structures (Buildings, Bridges, Shear Walls, Footing, Masonry)
  10. Earthquake Vibration Control Using innovative techniques
  11. Earthquake Vibration Control Using new / innovative materials
  12. Increasing strength of buildings by introducing new materials in construction (bentonite, marble dust, rice husk)
  13. Analysis of Building Codes
  14. Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete / brick buildings
  15. Landslide stabilization
  16. Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of existing buildings for a specific area (e.g. vulnerability and risk assessment of brick masonry buildings in Peshawar, Pakistan
  17. Critical evaluation of design methods in seismic zones
  18. Numerical evaluation of the behavior of a reinforced concrete building
  19. How to mainstream the earthquake resistant building design (socially, economically, technically)
  20. Structural and Non-structural effects of earthquake
  21. Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analysis.

6. Civil Engineering Final year projects on Highway & Transportation Engineering

  1. Advanced Pavement Design
  2. Automated Highway Systems
  3. Traffic Monitoring System
  4. Bridge Bearings & Stability
  5. Highway & Their Maintenance
  6. What are Geotech pavements
  7. Intelligent Transport System
  8. Development Of Robotic Bridge
  9. Geographic Information System
  10. Geotextile & Their Application
  11. Study on Self-Stabilizing Track
  12. Research on Stress Ribbon Bridges
  13. Highway Failure & Their Maintenance
  14. Pavement Design By Using Geotextile
  15. Urban Transport Plaling In Amravati
  16. Factors Leading to Road Re-Alignment
  17. Pavement Surface Unevennes Evaluation
  18. Geosynthetics In the Construction Of Roads
  19. Integral Bridges An Innovative Concept
  20. Pedestrian Bridge Over College Avenue.
  21. Advancement In Geotechnical Engg. With Geo
  22. Report On Urban Transport Planning Project
  23. Use Of Discrete Fiber In Road Construction
  24. Hydraulic & Hydrological Impacts On Bridges
  25. Polymer Composites In Bridge Rehabilitation
  26. Effect Of Ageing In Various Bituminous Mixes
  27. Mass Transit System – The necessity of today
  28. Stabilization Of Subgrade Using Geosynthetics
  29. Bridge Strengthening Advanced Composite System
  30. Computer-aided Limit States Analysis Of Bridge
  31. Walkway, Or A Small Car Bridge Over The River.
  32. Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing
  33. Construction Challenges For Bridges In Hilly Area
  34. Gc Antistripping Adhesive For Bituminous Pavement
  35. Development Of A Robotic Bridge Maintenance System
  36. An Innovation For Various Geotechnical Applications
  37. Study the socio-economic impact of a Highway Failure
  38. Traffic Analysis And Pavement Evaluation Along Nh-
  39. Time And Motion Study On Road Construction Techniques
  40. Evaluation Of Highway Materials And Design Performance

6. Civil Engineering Final year projects on Engineering Materials.

  1.  Smart materials
  2. Basalt rock fibre
  3. Cellular Lightweight concrete
  4. Mineral admixtures for high-performance concrete
  5. Glass fibre reinforced concrete
  6. Geosynthetics
  7. Bamboo as a building materials
  8. Silica fume concrete
  9. Fly-ash concrete pavement
  10. Non-destructive testing of concrete
  11. Structural and Non-structural behaviour analysis of structures
  12. Modelling and simulation of new/ innovative materials in structural analysis software
  13. Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete/ brick buildings
  14. Pros and cons of using RCC, plain cement c0ncrete and how to fill the cons gaps
  15. Use of local materials for insulation and waterproofing
  16. Investigation of Insulative properties of different materials
  17. Materials for sound barriers.
  18. Development of sustainable Materials

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