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Business Communication (22MBA16) VTU 2022 Scheme Notes

Module - 1

Introduction: Meaning & Definition, Role, Classification, Purpose of communication, Communication Process, Characteristics of successful communication, Importance of communication in management, Communication structure in organization, Communication in conflict resolution, Communication in crisis. Communication and negotiation, Communication in a cross-cultural setting, Barriers to communication.

Module - 2

Oral Communication: Meaning, Principles of successful oral communication, Barriers to oral communication, Conversation control, Reflection and Empathy: two sides of effective oral communication. Modes of Oral Communication, Effectiveness of oral communication. Listening as a Communication Skill: Approaches to listening, how to be a better listener, Process of listening, Nonverbal communication: Meaning, classification.

Module - 3

Written Communication: Purpose of writing, Clarity in writing, Principles of effective writing, Approaching the writing process systematically: The 3X3 writing process for business communication Pre writing, Writing, Revising. Audience analysis, Writing Positive, Neutral, Persuasive and Bad-news Messages. Types of Written Communication In Business: Business Letters: Introduction To Business Letters, Types of Business Letters, Writing Routine And Persuasive Letters, Positive And Negative Messages Writing, Employee Reviews, Recommendation Letters, Thank You Letters.

Module - 4

Business Reports: Purpose, Kinds and Objectives of reports , Organization & Preparing reports, short and long reports Writing Proposals: Structure & preparation , Writing memos, Media Management: The press release, Press conference, Media interviews. Group Communication: Meetings, Planning meetings, objectives , participants , timing , venue of meetings. Meeting Documentation: Notice, Agenda and Resolution & Minutes.

Module - 5

Case method of learning: Understanding the case method of learning , different types of cases , overcoming the difficulties of the case method , reading a case properly , case analysis approaches , analyzing the case , dos and don‘ts for case preparation. Employment Communication: Introduction, Writing CVs, Group discussion, Interview skills.
Impact of Technological Advancement on Business Communication, Technology-enabled Communication-Communication networks, Intranet, Internet, E-Mails, SMS, teleconferencing, videoconferencing

Module - 6

Presentation and Negotiation skills: Presentation: What is a presentation, Elements of presentation, Designing & Delivering Business Presentations, Advanced Visual Support for managers. Negotiation skills: Definition of negotiation, Nature and need for negotiation, Factors affecting negotiation, Stages of negotiation process, Negotiation strategies. Etiquette Advantage in Managerial Communication: Meaning, types and advantages of Etiquette.