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Computer Organization And Architecture (21CS34)

Subject code

Module - 1

Basic Structure of Computers: Basic Operational Concepts, Bus Structures, Performance – Processor Clock, Basic Performance Equation, Clock Rate, Performance Measurement.

Machine Instructions and Programs: Memory Location and Addresses, Memory Operations, Instructions and Instruction Sequencing, Addressing Modes

Module - 2

Input/Output Organization: Accessing I/O Devices, Interrupts – Interrupt Hardware, Direct Memory Access, Buses, Interface Circuits

Module - 3

Memory System: Basic Concepts, Semiconductor RAM Memories, Read Only Memories, Speed, Size, and Cost, Cache Memories – Mapping Functions, Virtual memories

Module - 4

Arithmetic: Numbers, Arithmetic Operations and Characters, Addition and Subtraction of Signed Numbers, Design of Fast Adders, Multiplication of Positive Numbers

Basic Processing Unit: Fundamental Concepts, Execution of a Complete Instruction, Hardwired control, Microprogrammed control

Module - 5

Pipeline and Vector Processing: Parallel Processing, Pipelining, Arithmetic Pipeline, Instruction Pipeline, Vector Processing, Array Processors