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Earth Resources and Engineering (21CV34)

Subject code

Module - 1

Introduction, scope of earth science in Engineering, Geohazards and disasters, Mitigation and management Earths internal dynamics ,Plate tectonics, Earth quakes types, causes iso-seismal line, seismic zonation map, seismic proof structures, Numerical problems on location of epicenter; volcanic eruption, types, causes, ; landslides, causes types, preventive measures; tsunamis causes consequences, mitigation;cyclones, causes management

Module - 2

Earth Resources Minerals -Industrial, rock forming and ore minerals. Physical properties, composition and uses Rocks as a construction materials- physical properties, texture, composition, applications for aggregate, decorative (facing/polishing), railway ballast, rocks for masonry work, monumental/architecture, rocks as aquifers, water bearing properties igneous, sedimentary metamorphic rocks

Module - 3

Surface investigation for Civil Engineering projects Weathering, type, causes, soil in situ, drifted soil, soil profile, soil mineralogy, structure, types of soil, Black cotton soil v/s Lateritic soil; effects of weathering on monumental rocks, River morphology and basin investigation for engineering Projects like earthen dam, gravity dam, arch dam, features of river erosion, deposition and their influences on river valley projects, morphometric analysis of river basin, selection of site for artificial recharge,, interlinking of river basins, coastal process and landforms, sedimentation /siltation, erosion

Module - 4

Subsurface investigation for deep foundation 8hrs Borehole data(and problems), Dip and strike, and outcrop problems(numerical problem geometrical/ simple trigonometry based), Electrical Resistivity meter, depth of water table, (numerical problems) seismic studies, faults, folds, unconformity, joints types, recognitionand their significance in Civil engineering projects like tunnel project, dam project, , Ground improvements like rock bolting, rock jointing, grouting

Module - 5

Geo-tools and techniques for civil Engineering Applications 7hrs Toposheets , Remote sensing and GIS. Photogrammetry ( scale, flight planning, overlap, elevation effects, interpretation keys, numericals on flight, planning scale , elevation, flyimg height, ….), GPS,, Ground Penetrating Radas (GPR), Drones, and their applications