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Electromagnetic Field Theory

Semester :  

Course Code : 

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Vector Analysis: Scalars and Vectors, Vector algebra, Cartesian coordinate system, Vector Components and unit vectors. Scalar field and Vector field. Dot product and Cross product, Gradient of a scalar field. Divergence and Curl of a vector field. Coordinate systems: cylindrical and spherical, the relation between different coordinate systems. Expression for gradient, divergence and curl in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. Numerical.
Electrostatics: Coulomb’s law, Electric field intensity and its evaluation for (i) point charge (ii) line charge (iii) surface charge (iv) volume charge distributions. Electric flux density, Gauss law and its applications. Maxwell’s first equation (Electrostatics). Divergence theorem. Numerical.


Energy and Potential: Energy expended in moving a point charge in an electric field. The line integral. Definition of potential difference and potential. The potential field of a point charge and of a system of charges. Potential gradient. The dipole. Energy density in the electrostatic field. Numerical.
Conductor and Dielectrics: Current and current density. Continuity of current. Metallic conductors, conductor’s properties and boundary conditions. Perfect dielectric materials, capacitance calculations. Parallel plate capacitor with two dielectrics with dielectric interface parallel to the conducting plates.Numerical.


Poisson’s and Laplace Equations: Derivations and problems, Uniqueness theorem.
Steady magnetic fields: Biot – Savart’s law, Ampere’s circuital law. The Curl. Stokes theorem. Magnetic flux and flux density. Scalar and vector magnetic potentials. Numerical. 


Magnetic forces: Force on a moving charge and differential current element. The force between differential current elements. Force and torque on a closed circuit. Numerical.
Magnetic Materials and Magnetism: Nature of magnetic materials, magnetisation and permeability. Magnetic boundary conditions. Magnetic circuit, inductance and mutual inductance. Numerical.


Time Varying Fields and Maxwell’s Equations: Faraday’s law, Displacement current. Maxwell’s equations are in point form and integral form. Numerical.
Uniform plane wave: Wave propagation in free space and in dielectrics. Pointing vector and power considerations. Propagation in good conductors, skin effect. Numerical.