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alternative building materials and technologies

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18CV643

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

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Introduction: Energy in building materials, Environmental issues concerned to building materials, Embodied energy and life-cycle energy, Global warming and construction industry, Green concepts in buildings, Green building ratings – IGBC and LEED manuals – mandatory requirements, Rainwater harvesting & solar passive architecture. Environmental friendly and cost-effective building technologies, Requirements for buildings of different climatic regions. 


Elements of Structural Masonry: Elements of Structural Masonry, Masonry materials, requirements of masonry units’ characteristics of bricks, stones, clay blocks, concrete blocks, stone boulders, laterite Blocks, Fal- G blocks and Stabilized mud block.Manufacture of stabilized blocks.
Structural Masonry Mortars: Mortars, cementations materials, sand, natural & manufactured, types of mortars, classification of mortars as per BIS, characteristics and requirements of mortar, selection of mortar. Uses of masonry, masonry bonding, Compressive strength of masonry elements, Factors affecting compressive strength, Strength of Prisms/wallets and walls, Effect of brick bond on strength, Bond strength of masonry: Flexure and shear, Elastic properties of masonry materials and masonry, Design of masonry compression elements subjected to axial load


Alternate Building Materials: Lime, Pozzolana cement, Raw materials, Manufacturing process, Properties and uses. Fibres- metal and synthetic, Properties and applications. Fibre-reinforced plastics, Matrix materials, Fibers organic and synthetic, Properties and applications. Building materials from agro and industrial wastes, Types of agro wastes, Types of industrial and mine wastes, Properties and applications. Masonry blocks using industrial wastes. Construction and demolition wastes.


Alternate Building Technologies: Use of arches in the foundation, alternatives for wall constructions, composite masonry, confined masonry, cavity walls, rammed earth, Ferro cement and ferroconcrete building components, Materials and specifications, Properties, Construction methods, Applications. Top-down construction, Mivan Construction Technique.
Alternate Roofing Systems: Concepts, Filler slabs, Composite beam panel roofs, Masonry vaults and domes


Equipment for Production of Alternate Materials: Machines for the manufacture of concrete, Equipment for production of stabilized blocks, Moulds and methods of production of precast elements, Cost concepts in buildings, Cost saving techniques in planning, design and construction, Cost analysis: Case studies using alternatives.