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Composite Materials Technology

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18ME645

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

Composite Materials Technology



Introduction to Composite Materials: Definition, classification & brief history of composite materials. Constituent of composite materials: Reinforcements, Matrix, Coupling agents, coatings & fillers. Reinforcements: Introduction, Glass Fibers, Boron Fibers, Carbon Fibers, Organic Fibers, Ceramic Fibers, Whiskers, Other Non-oxide Reinforcements, Comparison of Fibers Matrix Materials: Polymers, Metals and Ceramic Matrix Materials. Interfaces: Wettability, Crystallographic nature of interface, types of bonding at the interface and optimum interfacial bond strength.


Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC): Processing of PMC’s; Processing of Thermoset Matrix Composites, Thermoplastic Matrix Composites, Sheet Moulding Compound and carbon reinforced polymer composites. Interfaces in PMC’s, Structure & Properties of PMC’s, applications Metal Matrix Composites: Types of metal matrix composites, Important Metallic Matrices, Processing, Interfaces in Metal Matrix Composites, Properties & Applications.


Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC): Processing of CMC’s; Cold Pressing & Sintering, Hot Pressing, Reaction Bonding Processes, Infiltration, Directed Oxidation, In Situ Chemical Reaction Technique, Sol-Gel, Polymer Infiltration & Pyrolysis, Electrophoretic Deposition, Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis. Interfaces, properties and applications of CMC’s. Carbon Fiber/Carbon Matrix Composites: Processing of Carbon/Carbon Composites, Oxidation protection of Carbon/Carbon Composites, Properties of Carbon/Carbon Composites, and application of Carbon/Carbon Composites. Multi-filamentary Superconducting Composites: The Problem of Flux Pinning, Types of Super Conductor, Processing & structure of Multi filamentary superconducting composites. Applications of multi-filamentary superconducting composites.


Nonconventional Composites: Introduction, Nanocomposites; Polymer clay nanocomposites, self healing composites, self-reinforced composites. Biocomposites, Laminates; Ceramic Laminates, Hybrid Composites. Performance/Characterization of Composites: Static Mechanical Properties; Tensile Properties, Compressive Properties, Flexural Properties, In-Plane Shear Properties, Interlaminar Shear Strength. Fatigue Properties; Tension–Tension Fatigue, Flexural Fatigue. Impact Properties; Charpy, Izod, and Drop- Weight Impact Test.


Micromechanics of Composites: Density, Mechanical Properties; Prediction of Elastic Constants, Micromechanical Approaches, Halpin-Tsai Equations, Transverse Stresses, Thermal properties. Numerical Problems. Macromechanics of Composites: Introduction, Elastic constants of an isotropic material, elastic constants of a lamina, relationship between engineering constants and reduced stiffnesses and compliances.