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Heat Transfer

Semester : VI

Course Code : 18ME63

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Introductory concepts and definitions: Modes of heat transfer: Basic laws governing conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer; Types of boundary conditions. General three dimensional Heat Conduction Equation: Derivation of the equation in (i) Cartesian, coordinate only. Discussion of three dimensional Heat Conduction Equation in (ii) Polar and (iii) Spherical Co-ordinate Systems. Steady-state one-dimensional heat conduction problems in Cartesian System: Steady-state one-dimensional heat conduction problems (i) without heat generation and (ii) constant thermal conductivity – in Cartesian system with various possible boundary conditions. Brief Introduction to variable thermal conductivity and heat generation [No numerical on variable thermal conductivity and heat generation] Thermal Resistances in Series and in Parallel. Critical Thickness of Insulation in cylinder and spheres Concept. Derivation 


Extended Surfaces or Fins: Classification, Straight Rectangular and Circular Fins, Temperature Distribution and Heat Transfer Calculations, Fin Efficiency and Effectiveness, Applications Transient [Unsteady-state] heat conduction: Definition, Different cases – Negligible internal thermal resistance, negligible surface resistance, comparable internal thermal and surface resistance, Lumped body, Infinite Body and Semi-infinite Body, Numerical Problems, Heisler and Grober charts


Numerical Analysis of Heat Conduction: Introduction, one-dimensional steady conduction and one dimensional unsteady conduction, boundary conditions, solution methods. Thermal Radiation: Fundamental principles – Gray, White, Opaque, Transparent and Black bodies, Spectral emissive power, Wien’s displacement law, Planck’s laws, Hemispherical Emissive Power, Stefan-Boltzmann law for the total emissive power of a black body, Emissivity and Kirchhoff’s Laws, View factor, Net radiation exchange between parallel plates, concentric cylinders, and concentric spheres, Radiation Shield. 


Forced Convection: Boundary Layer Theory, Velocity and Thermal Boundary Layers, Prandtl number, Turbulent flow, Various empirical solutions, Forced convection flow over cylinders and spheres, Internal flows –laminar and turbulent flow solutions. Free convection: Laminar and Turbulent flows, Vertical Plates, Vertical Tubes and Horizontal Tubes, Empirical solutions


Heat Exchangers: Definition, Classification, applications, LMTD method, Effectiveness – NTU method, Analytical Methods, Fouling Factors, Chart Solution Procedures for solving Heat Exchanger problems: Correction Factor Charts and Effectiveness-NTU Charts. Introduction to boiling: pool boiling, Bubble Growth Mechanisms, Nucleate Pool Boiling, Critical Heat Flux in Nucleate Pool Boiling, Pool Film Boiling, Critical Heat Flux, Heat Transfer beyond the Critical Point, filmwise and dropwise Condensation