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Electric Vehicle Technologies

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18EE646

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

Electric Vehicle Technologies



Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Configuration of Electric Vehicles, Performance of Electric Vehicles, Traction motor characteristics, Tractive effort and Transmission requirement, Vehicle performance, Tractive effort in normal driving, Energy consumption Concept of Hybrid Electric Drive Trains, Architecture of Hybrid Electric Drive Trains, Series Hybrid Electric Drive Trains, Parallel hybrid electric drive trains.


Energy storage for EV and HEV: Energy storage requirements, Battery parameters, Types of Batteries, Modelling of Battery, Fuel Cell basic principle and operation, Types of Fuel Cells, PEMFC and its operation, Modelling of PEMFC, Supercapacitors.


Electric Propulsion: EV consideration, DC motor drives and speed control, Induction motor drives, Permanent Magnet Motor Drives, Switch Reluctance Motor Drive for Electric Vehicles, Configuration and control of Drives.


Design of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Series Hybrid Electric Drive Train Design: Operating patterns, control strategies, Sizing of major components, power rating of traction motor, power rating of engine/generator, design of PPS Parallel Hybrid Electric Drive Train Design: Control strategies of parallel hybrid drive train, design of engine power capacity, design of electric motor drive capacity, transmission design, energy storage design.


Power Electronic Converter for Battery Charging: Charging methods for battery, Termination methods, charging from grid, The Z-converter, Isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter, Design of Z- converter for battery charging, High-frequency transformer based isolated charger topology, Transformer less topology.