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digital signal processing

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18EE63

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Discrete Fourier Transforms: Definitions, properties-linearity, shift, symmetry Properties- circular convolution – periodic convolution, use of tabular arrays, circular arrays, Stock ham’s method, linear convolution – two finite duration sequence, one finite & one infinite duration, overlap-add and save methods.


Fast Fourier Transforms Algorithms: Introduction, decimation in time algorithm, first decomposition, number of computations, a continuation of decomposition, number of multiplications, computational efficiency, decimation in frequency algorithms, Inverse radix – 2 algorithms.


Design of IIR Digital Filters: Introduction, impulse invariant transformation, bilinear transformations, All pole analog filters- Butterworth & Chebyshev filters, design of digital Butterworth filter by impulse invariant transformation and bilinear transformation, Frequency transformations. 


Design of IIR Digital Filters (Continued): Design of digital Chebyshev –type 1filter by impulse invariant transformation and bilinear transformation, Frequency transformations.
Realization of IIR digital systems: direct form, cascade form and parallel form, Ladder structures for equal degree polynomial.


Design of FIR Digital Filters: Introduction, windowing, rectangular, modified rectangular. Hamming, Hanning, Blackman window, design of FIR digital filters by use of windows, Design of FIR digital filters-frequency sampling techniques.
Realization of FIR systems: direct form, cascade form, linear phase form.