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Embedded Systems

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18EE644

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Concept of Embedded System Design: Components, classification, skills required. Embedded Microcontroller cores: Architecture of 6808 and 6811. Embedded Memories ROM variants, RAM. [Textbook -3 and Reference book -3]


Technological Aspects of Embedded System: Applications of embedded system: Examples of Embedded systems SOC for bar code scanner. Interfacing between analog and digital blocks, Signal conditioning, digital signal processing, DAC & ADC interfacing, Sample & hold, multiplexer interface
Internal ADC interfacing (excluding 6805 & 6812). [Textbook -1]


Design Trade Offs Due to Process Incompatibility, Thermal Considerations: Data Acquisition
System and Signal conditioning using DSP . Issues in embedded system design. Design challenge, design technology, trade-offs. Thermal considerations. [Reference book -1and Internet Sources]


Software aspects of Embedded Systems: Real time programming Languages, operating systems.
Programming concepts and embedded programming in C. Round Robin, Round Robin with interrupts, function queue-scheduling architecture. [Textbook -3 and Reference book -3]


Subsystem interfacing:With external systems user interfacing, Serial I/O devices, Parallel port interfaces: Input switches, Key boards and Memory interfacing.