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Electronic Devices (ED) 22 Scheme VTU Notes - BEC306A

Subject code

Module - 1

Bonding forces in solids, Energy bands, Metals, Semiconductors and Insulators, Direct and Indirect
semiconductors, Electrons and Holes, Intrinsic and Extrinsic materials, Conductivity and Mobility, Drift and
Resistance, Effects of temperature and doping on mobility, Hall Effect.

Module - 2

PN Junctions
Forward and Reverse biased junctions-Qualitative description of Current flow at a junction, reverse bias, Reverse bias breakdown- Zener breakdown, avalanche breakdown, Rectifiers.(Text1:5.3.1,5.3.3,5.4,5.4.1,5.4.2,5.4.3)
Optoelectronic Devices Photodiodes: Current and Voltage in an Illuminated Junction, Solar Cells, Photodetectors. Light Emitting Diode: Light Emitting Materials.

Module - 3

Bipolar Junction Transistor
Fundamentals of BJT operation, Amplification with BJTS,BJT Fabrication, The coupled Diode model(Ebers-Moll
Model),Switching operation of a transistor, Cutoff, saturation, switching cycle, specifications, Drift in the base
region, Base narrowing, Avalanche breakdown.

Module - 4

Field Effect Transistors
Basic pn JFET Operation, Equivalent Circuit and Frequency Limitations, MOSFET-Two terminal MO S structureEnergy band diagram, Ideal Capacitance -Voltage Characteristics and Frequency Effects, Basic MOSFET Operation- MOSFET structure, Current-Voltage Characteristics.

Module - 5

Fabrication of p-n junctions
Thermal Oxidation, Diffusion, Rapid Thermal Processing, Ion implantation, chemical vapour deposition,
photolithography, Etching, and metallization. (Text 1: 5.1)
Integrated Circuits
Background, Evolution of ICs, CMOS Process Integration, Integration of Other Circuit Elements.