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Introduction to Cyber Security BETCK105I-205I

Subject code
1st/ 2nd

Module - 1

Introduction to Cybercrime: Cybercrime: Definition and Origins of the Word, Cybercrime and Information Security, Who are Cybercriminals? Classifications of Cybercrimes, An Indian Perspective, Hacking and Indian Laws., Global Perspectives

Module - 2

Cyber Offenses:
How Criminals Plan Them:Introduction, How criminals plan the attacks, Social Engineering, Cyber Stalking,
Cybercaafe & cybercrimes.
Botnets: The fuel for cybercrime, Attack Vector.

Module - 3

Tools and Methods used in Cybercrime: Introduction, Proxy Servers, Anonymizers, Phishing,
Password Cracking, Key Loggers and Spyways, Virus and Worms, Trozen Horses and Backdoors,
Steganography, DoS and DDOS Attackes, Attacks on Wireless networks.

Module - 4

Phishing and Identity Theft: Introduction, methods of phishing, phishing,phising techniques, spear phishing,
types of phishing scams, phishing toolkits and spy phishing, counter measures, Identity Theft

Module - 5

Understnading Computer Forensics: Introdcution, Historical Background of Cyberforensics, Digital Foresics
Science, Need for Computer Foresics, Cyber Forensics and Digital Evidence, Digital Forensic Life cycle, Chain of
Custody Concepts, network forensics.