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Introduction to Python Programming BPLCK105B VTU Notes

Subject code
1st/ 2nd

Module - 1

Python Basics: Entering Expressions into the Interactive Shell, The Integer, Floating-Point, and String Data Types, String Concatenation and Replication, Storing Values in Variables, Your First Program, Dissecting Your Program, Flow control: Boolean Values, Comparison Operators, Boolean Operators,Mixing Boolean and Comparison Operators, Elements of Flow Control, Program Execution, Flow Control Statements, Importing Modules,Ending a Program Early with sys.exit(), Functions: def Statements with Parameters, Return Values and return Statements,The None Value, Keyword Arguments and print(), Local and Global Scope, The global Statement, Exception Handling, A Short Program: Guess the Number

Module - 2

Lists: The List Data Type, Working with Lists, Augmented Assignment Operators, Methods, Example Program: Magic 8 Ball with a List, List-like Types: Strings and Tuples, References, Dictionaries and Structuring Data: The Dictionary Data Type, Pretty Printing, Using Data Structures to Model Real-World Things,

Module - 3

Manipulating Strings: Working with Strings, Useful String Methods, Project: Password Locker, Project: Adding Bullets to Wiki Markup Reading and Writing Files: Files and File Paths, The os.path Module, The File Reading/Writing Process, Saving Variables with the shelve Module,Saving Variables with the print.format() Function, Project: Generating Random Quiz Files, Project: Multiclipboard,

Module - 4

Organizing Files: The shutil Module, Walking a Directory Tree, Compressing Files with the zipfile Module, Project: Renaming Files with American-Style Dates to European-Style Dates,Project: Backing Up a Folder into a ZIP File, Debugging: Raising Exceptions, Getting the Traceback as a String, Assertions, Logging, IDLE‟s Debugger

Module - 5

Classes and objects: Programmer-defined types, Attributes, Rectangles, Instances as return values, Objects are mutable, Copying, Classes and functions: Time, Pure functions, Modifiers, Prototyping versus planning, Classes and methods: Object-oriented features, Printing objects, Another example, A more complicated example,Theinit method, The __str__ method, Operator overloading, Type-based dispatch, Polymorphism, Interface and implementation,