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Principles of Programming using C 2022 Scheme VTU Notes (BPOPS103/203)

Subject code

Module - 1

Introduction to C: Introduction to computers, input and output devices, designing efficient programs. Introduction to C, Structure of C program, Files used in a C program, Compilers, Compiling and executing C programs, variables, constants, Input/output statements in C,

Module - 2

Operators in C, Type conversion and typecasting.:Decision control and Looping statements: Introduction to decision control, Conditional branching statements, iterative statements, nested loops, break and continue statements, goto statement.

Module - 3

Functions: Introduction using functions, Function definition, function declaration, function call, return statement, passing parameters to functions, scope of variables, storage classes, recursive functions.

Arrays: Declaration of arrays, accessing the elements of an array, storing values in arrays, Operations on arrays, Passing arrays to functions, two dimensional arrays, operations on two-dimensional arrays, twodimensional arrays to functions, multidimensional arrays, applications of arrays.

Module - 4

Strings and Pointers: Introduction, string taxonomy, operations on strings, Miscellaneous string and character functions, arrays of strings. Pointers: Introduction to pointers, declaring pointer variables, Types of pointers, Passing arguments to functions using pointers

Module - 5

Structure, Union, and Enumerated Data Type: Introduction, structures and functions, Unions, unions inside structures, Enumerated data type.

Files: Introduction to files, using files in C, reading and writing data files. , Detecting end of file