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advanced java and j2ee

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18CS644

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60


Printed Notes

Printed Notes
By Vtupulse

Printed Notes
By Professor Jayanti M.G

advanced java and j2ee



Enumerations, Autoboxing and Annotations(metadata): Enumerations, Enumeration fundamentals, the values() and valueOf() Methods, java enumerations are class types, enumerations Inherit Enum, example, type wrappers, Autoboxing, Autoboxing and Methods, Autoboxing/Unboxing occurs in Expressions, Autoboxing/Unboxing, Boolean and character values, Autoboxing/Unboxing helps prevent errors, A Word of Warning. Annotations, Annotation basics, specifying retention policy, Obtaining Annotations at run time by use of reflection, Annotated element Interface, Using Default values, Marker Annotations, Single Member annotations, Built-In annotations.
Textbook 1: Lesson 12


The collections and Framework: Collections Overview, Recent Changes to Collections, The Collection Interfaces, The Collection Classes, Accessing a collection Via an Iterator, Storing User-Defined Classes in Collections, The Random Access Interface, Working With Maps, Comparators, The Collection Algorithms, Why Generic Collections? The legacy Classes and Interfaces, Parting Thoughts on Collections.
Text Book 1: Ch.17


String Handling :The String Constructors, String Length, Special String Operations, String Literals, String Concatenation, String Concatenation with Other Data Types, String Conversion and toString( ) Character Extraction, charAt( ), getChars( ), getBytes( ) toCharArray(), String Comparison, equals( ) and equalsIgnoreCase( ), regionMatches( ) startsWith( ) and endsWith( ), equals( ) Versus == , compareTo( ) Searching Strings, Modifying a String, substring( ), concat( ), replace( ), trim( ), Data Conversion Using valueOf( ), Changing the Case of Characters Within a String, Additional String Methods, StringBuffer , StringBuffer Constructors, length( ) and capacity( ), ensureCapacity( ), setLength( ), charAt( ) and setCharAt( ), getChars( ),append( ), insert( ), reverse( ), delete( ) and deleteCharAt( ), replace( ), substring( ), Additional StringBuffer Methods, StringBuilder
Text Book 1: Ch 15


Background; The Life Cycle of a Servlet; Using Tomcat for Servlet Development; A simple Servlet; The Servlet API; The Javax.servlet Package; Reading Servlet Parameter; The Javax.servlet.http package; Handling HTTP Requests and Responses; Using Cookies; Session Tracking. Java Server Pages (JSP): JSP, JSP Tags, Tomcat, Request String, User Sessions, Cookies, Session Objects
Text Book 1: Ch 31
TextBook 2: Ch 11


The Concept of JDBC; JDBC Driver Types; JDBC Packages; A Brief Overview of the JDBC process; Database Connection; Associating the JDBC/ODBC Bridge with the Database; Statement Objects; ResultSet; Transaction Processing; Metadata, Data types; Exceptions.
Text Book 2: Ch 06