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programming in java

Semester :  VI

Course Code : 18CS653

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




An Overview of Java: Object-Oriented Programming, A First Simple Program, A Second Short Program, Two Control Statements, Using Blocks of Code, Lexical Issues, The Java Class Libraries, Data Types, Variables, and Arrays: Java Is a Strongly-Typed Language, The Primitive Types, Integers, Floating-Point Types, Characters, Booleans, A Closer Look at Literals, Variables, Type Conversion and Casting, Automatic Type Promotion In Expressions, Arrays, A Few Words About Strings
Text book 1: Ch 2, Ch 3


Operators: Arithmetic Operators, The Bitwise Operators, Relational Operators, Boolean Logical Operators, The Assignment Operator, The? Operator, Operator Precedence, Using Parentheses, Control Statements: Java‟s Selection Statements, Iteration Statements, Jump Statements.
Textbook 1: Ch 4, Ch 5


Introducing Classes: Class Fundamentals, Declaring Objects, Assigning Object Reference Variables, Introducing Methods, Constructors, The this Keyword, Garbage Collection, The finalize( ) Method, A Stack Class, A Closer Look at Methods and Classes: Overloading Methods, Using Objects as Parameters, A Closer Look at Argument Passing, Returning Objects, Recursion, Introducing Access Control, Understanding static, Introducing final, Arrays Revisited, Inheritance: Inheritance, Using super, Creating a Multilevel Hierarchy, When Constructors Are Called, Method Overriding, Dynamic Method Dispatch, Using Abstract Classes, Using final with Inheritance, The Object Class.
Textbook 1: Ch 6, Ch 7.1-7.9, Ch 8


Packages and Interfaces: Packages, Access Protection, Importing Packages, Interfaces, Exception Handling: Exception-Handling Fundamentals, Exception Types, Uncaught Exceptions, Using try and catch, Multiple catch Clauses, Nested try Statements, throw, throws, finally, Java‟s Built-in Exceptions, Creating Your Own Exception Subclasses, Chained Exceptions, Using Exceptions.
Textbook 1: Ch 9, Ch 10


Enumerations, Type Wrappers, I/O, Applets, and Other Topics: I/O Basics, Reading Console Input, Writing Console Output, The PrintWriter Class, Reading and Writing Files, Applet Fundamentals, The transient and volatile Modifiers, Using instanceof, strictfp, Native Methods, Using assert, Static Import, Invoking Overloaded Constructors Through this( ), String Handling: The String Constructors, String Length, Special String Operations, Character Extraction, String Comparison, Searching Strings, Modifying a String, Data Conversion Using valueOf( ), Changing the Case of Characters Within a String, Additional String Methods, StringBuffer, StringBuilder.
Text book 1: Ch 12.1,12.2, Ch 13, Ch 15