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web technology & its applications

Semester :  V

Course Code : 18CS63

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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Introduction to HTML, What is HTML and Where did it come from?, HTML Syntax, Semantic Markup, Structure of HTML Documents, Quick Tour of HTML Elements, HTML5 Semantic Structure Elements, Introduction to CSS, What is CSS, CSS Syntax, Location of Styles, Selectors, The Cascade: How Styles Interact, The Box Model, CSS Text Styling. Textbook 1: Ch. 2, 3


HTML Tables and Forms, Introducing Tables, Styling Tables, Introducing Forms, Form Control Elements, Table and Form Accessibility, Microformats, Advanced CSS: Layout, Normal Flow, Positioning Elements, Floating Elements, Constructing Multicolumn Layouts, Approaches to CSS Layout, Responsive Design, CSS Frameworks. Textbook 1: Ch. 4,5 


JavaScript: Client-Side Scripting, What is JavaScript and What can it do?, JavaScript Design Principles, Where does JavaScript Go?, Syntax, JavaScript Objects, The Document Object Model (DOM), JavaScript Events, Forms, Introduction to Server-Side Development with PHP, What is Server-Side Development, A Web Server‟s Responsibilities, Quick Tour of PHP, Program Control, Functions Textbook 1: Ch. 6, 8


PHP Arrays and Superglobals, Arrays, $_GET and $_POST Superglobal Arrays, $_SERVER Array, $_Files Array, Reading/Writing Files, PHP Classes and Objects, Object-Oriented Overview, Classes and Objects in PHP, Object Oriented Design, Error Handling and Validation, What are Errors and Exceptions?, PHP Error Reporting, PHP Error and Exception Handling 


Managing State, The Problem of State in Web Applications, Passing Information via Query Strings, Passing Information via the URL Path, Cookies, Serialization, Session State, HTML5 Web Storage, Caching, Advanced JavaScript and jQuery, JavaScript Pseudo-Classes, jQuery Foundations, AJAX, Asynchronous File Transmission, Animation, Backbone 10 MVC Frameworks, XML Processing and Web Services, XML Processing, JSON, Overview of Web Services. Textbook 1: Ch. 13, 15,17