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BCA105T- Discrete Mathematics | BCA – Bangalore University

BCA105T :Discrete Mathematics

All in one Study material


Sets, Relations and Functions: Sets, Subsets, Equal Sets, Universal Sets, Finite and Infinite Sets, Operation on Sets, Union, Intersection and Complements of Sets, Cartesian Product, Cardinality of Set, De-mogan’s law, Simple Applications. Relations, Properties of Relations, Equivalence Relation, Function: Domain and Range, Onto, Into, One to One, one to many Functions, Composite and Inverse Functions. Mathematical Logic: Proposition and truth values, Logical Connectives and their truth tables, Converse, Inverse and Contrapositive, Tautology and Contradiction, Logical Equivalence – Standard Theorems, Switching Circuits.


Matrices: Review of fundamentals: Definition of matrix, order, Types of matrices: zero, row, column, square, diagonal, scalar, unit, symmetric, skew-symmetric. Determinant: Value of determinant of order 2×2, 3×3, minors, cofactors, adjoint, inverse of a matrix. Solutions of linear equations: Cramers rule and matrix method involving two and three variables. Eigen values and Eigenvectors: Characteristic equation, characteristic roots, characteristic vectors (without any theorems) only 2×2 order. Cayley Hamilton theorem. (Only statement), verification of Cayley Hamilton theorem (only 2×2 matrices), using the same finding the powers of A (A4 , A5 , A-1 , A-2 ), Inverse of a Matrix using CayleyHamilton theorem.


Logarithms: Definition of Logarithm, Indices leading to Logarithms and vice versa, Laws of Logarithms with proofs, Problems, Common Logarithm: Characteristic and Mantissa, Use of Logarithmic Tables, Problems. Permutation and Combination: Fundamental Principle of Counting, Factorial n, Permutations: Definition, Examples, Derivation of Formula nPr, Permutation when all the objects are not distinct, Problems, Combinations: Definition, examples, Proving nCr = nPr r!, nCr = nCn-r, nCr + nCr-1 = n+1Cr , Problems based on above formulae.


Groups: Binary operation, Define of group, properties (only statement), problems (both finite and infinite groups), subgroup, theorems (no proof), problems. Vectors: Definition of vector and scalar, vector addition, dot and cross product, projection of a vector on the other (no geometrical meaning), area of parallelogram, area of a triangle, scalar triple product, volume of parallelepiped, co planarity of three vectors, vector triple product


Analytical Geometry in Two Dimensions: Coordinates, Distance formula, Section Formula, Area of the Triangle formula (no derivation), Locus of point. Straight Line: Slope of a line and angle between two lines, Various forms of equations of lines – Derivation and Problems. Equation of family of lines passing through the point of intersection of two lines, Distance of a point from line (only problems).