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BCA103T – Problem Solving Techniques using C | BCA – BU


All in one Study material


Introduction to Programming Concepts: Software, Classification of Software, Modular Programming, Structured Programming, Algorithms and Flowcharts with examples. Overview of C Language: History of C, Character set, C tokens, Identifiers, Keywords, Data types, Variables, Constants, Symbolic Constants , Operators in C, Hierarchy of Operators, Expressions, Type Conversions and Library Functions


Managing Input and Output Operation: Formatted and Unformatted I/O Functions, Decision making, branching and looping: Decision Making Statements – if Statement, if– else statement, nesting of if-else statements, else–if ladder, switch statement,?: operator, Looping – while, do-while, for loop, Nested loop, break, continue, and goto statements. Functions: Function Definition, prototyping, types of functions, passing arguments to functions, Nested Functions, Recursive functions.


Arrays: Declaring and Initializing, One Dimensional Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays, Multi Dimensional Arrays – Passing arrays to functions. Strings: Declaring and Initializing strings, Operations on strings, Arrays of strings, passing strings to functions. Storage Classes – Automatic, External, Static and Register Variables.


Structures-Declaring and Initializing, Nested structure, Array of Structure, Passing Structures to functions, Unions, typedef, enum, Bit fields. Pointers – Declarations, Pointer arithmetic, Pointers and functions, Call by value, Call by reference, Pointers and Arrays, Arrays of Pointers, Pointers and Structures. Meaning of static and dynamic memory allocation, Memory allocation functions.


Files – File modes, File functions, and File operations, Text and Binary files, Command Line arguments. C Preprocessor directives, Macros – Definition, types of Macros, Creating and implementing user defined header files.