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BCA205T – Numerical and Statistical Methods | BCA – BU

BCA205T : Numerical And Statistical Methods

All in one Study material


Floating-point representation and errors-Normalized floating-point forms, Errors in representing numbers, Floating point machine number and machine epsilon, Loss of significance and its avoidance. Roots of equations-locating roots of f(x)=0 Bisection method, Newton’s method, Secant method.


Interpolation and numerical differentiation-polynomial interpolation, Lagrange and Newton form of interpolating Polynomial, Divided difference and recursive property, Inverse interpolation, First and Second derivative formulae via interpolation Polynomials. Numerical integration-Trapezoidal, Simpson’s and adaptive Simpson rules.


System of linear equations-Gaussian elimination and back substitution-partial and complete pivoting, Doolittle, Cholesky and Crout LU decomposition methods, Jacobi and Gauss – Seidel iterative methods. Power (and inverse power) method of obtaining largest (smallest) eigenvalue and corresponding eigenvector. Ordinary differential equationsinitial value problem, Picard’s, Taylor series, Runge-Kutta first, second and fourth order methods.


Basics concepts and definition of statistics. Mean, Standard deviation, coefficient of Variation, skewness & kurtosis, Carl Pearson Correlation, Rank correlation and illustrated examples. Probability: Basic concept and definition of probability, probability axioms, Laws of Probability, Conditional probability, Bayes theorem , Problems and application


Random variable and Expectation: Discrete and continuous random variables, expectation of random variables, theorems on expectation, illustrative examples. Probability Distribution: Probability function, Probability mass/density function, Discrete Distribution – Bernoulli, Binomial Distribution, Continuous distribution – Normal Distribution, applications and problems.