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design of rC structural elements

Semester :  V

Course Code : 18CV53

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Introduction to working stress and limit State Design: Introduction to working stress method, Difference between Working stress and Limit State Method of design, Modular Ratio and Factor of Safety and evaluation of design constants for working stress method. Philosophy and principle of limit state design with assumptions. Partial Safety factors, Characteristic load and strength. Stress block parameters, concept of balanced section, under reinforced and over reinforced section.
Limiting deflection, short term deflection, long term deflection, Calculation of deflection of singly reinforced beam only. Cracking in reinforced concrete members, calculation of crack width of singly reinforced beam. Side face reinforcement, slender limits of beams for stability.


Limit State Analysis of Beams: Analysis of singly reinforced, doubly reinforced and flanged beams for flexure and shear.


Limit State Design of Beams: Design of singly and doubly reinforced beams, Design of flanged beams, design for combined bending, shear and torsion as per IS-456. 


Limit State Design of Slabs and Stairs: Introduction to one way and two way slabs, Design of cantilever, simply supported and one way continuous slab. Design of two way slabs for different boundary conditions. Design of dog legged and open well staircases. Importance of bond, anchorage length and lap length.


Limit State Deign of Columns and Footings: Analysis and design of short axially loaded RC column. Design of columns with uniaxial and biaxial moments, Design concepts of the footings. Design of Rectangular and square column footings with axial load and also for axial load & moment.