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Entrepreneurship Development (22MBA12) VTU 2022 Scheme Notes

Module - 1

Introduction to Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship: Meaning of entrepreneur – Evolution of the concept – Functions of an Entrepreneur – Types of Entrepreneurs – Intrapreneur- an emerging class – Concept of Entrepreneurship -Entrepreneurial Culture – Stages in entrepreneurial process. Creativity and Innovation: The role of creativity , The innovation Process , Sources of New Ideas , Methods of Generating Ideas , Creative Problem Solving , Entrepreneurial Process.

Module - 2

Developing Business Model: Importance of Business Model , Starting a small-scale industry – Components of an Effective Business Model, Osterwalder Business Model Canvas. Business Planning Process: Meaning of business plan – Business plan process – Advantages of business planning – Final Project Report with Feasibility Study – preparing a model project report for starting a new venture.

Module - 3

Managing and Growing New Venture: Preparing for the new venture launch – early management decisions, Managing early growth of the new venture- new venture expansion strategies and issues. Getting Financing or Funding for the New Venture: Estimating the financial needs of a new venture and preparation of a financial plan, Sources of Personal Financing, Preparing to Raise Debt or Equity Financing, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Initial Public Offering, Commercial Banks, Other Sources of Debt Financing, Leasing. Forms of business organization: Sole Proprietorship , Partnership , Limited liability partnership – Joint Stock Companies and Cooperatives.

Module - 4

Entrepreneurship Development and Government: Role of Central Government and State Government in promoting Entrepreneurship – Introduction to various incentives, subsidies and grants – Export Oriented Units – Fiscal and Tax concessions available- Start Up India scheme. Women Entrepreneurs, Reasons for low women Entrepreneurs, Prospects for Women Entrepreneurs, Strategies to motivate entrepreneurship amongst women. Institutions supporting Entrepreneurs: A brief overview of financial institutions in India – SIDBI – NABARD – IDBI – SIDCO – Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship – DIC – Single Window – Latest Industrial Policy of Government of India.

Module - 5

Process of Company Incorporation; process of registration of a private limited company, a public limited company, a partnership; Characteristics of a limited liability partnership; Four stages of Start Up, Intellectual property protection and Ethics: Patents , Copyright – Trademark- Geographical indications , Ethical and social responsibility and challenges

Module - 6

Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Development; Digital Entrepreneurship , meaning, scope and opportunities.Social Entrepreneur , Meaning of Social Entrepreneur, Motivation for a Social Entrepreneur; Supporting and Evaluating Social Entrepreneurship in India. Rural Entrepreneur , Meaning of Rural Entrepreneur, Potential opportunities for Rural entrepreneurship in India