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Green Buildings 2022 Scheme VTU Notes (BETCK105B/205B)

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Module - 1

Introduction to the concept of cost-effective construction -Uses of different types of materials and their availability -Stone and Laterite blocks- Burned Bricks- Concrete Blocks- Stabilized Mud Blocks- LimePoszolana Cement- Gypsum Board- Light Weight Beams- Fiber Reinforced Cement Components- Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite- Bamboo- Availability of different materialsRecycling of building materials – Brick- Concrete- Steel- Plastics – Environmental issues related to quarrying of building materials.

Module - 2

Environment-friendly and cost-effective Building Technologies – Different substitutes for wall construction Flemish Bond – Rat Trap Bond – Arches – Panels – Cavity Wall – Ferro Cement and Ferro Concrete constructions – different precast members using these materials – Wall and Roof Panels – Beams – columns – Door and Window frames – Water tanks – Septic Tanks – Alternate roofing systems – Filler Slab – Composite Beam and Panel Roof -Pre-engineered and ready to use building elements – wood products – steel and plastic – Contributions of agencies – Costford – Nirmithi Kendra – Habitat

Module - 3

Global Warming – Definition – Causes and Effects – Contribution of Buildings towards Global Warming – Carbon Footprint – Global Efforts to reduce carbon Emissions Green Buildings – Definition – Features- Necessity – Environmental benefit – Economical benefits – Health and Social benefits – Major Energy efficient areas for buildings – Embodied Energy in MaterialsGreen Materials – Comparison of Initial cost of Green V/s Conventional Building – Life cycle cost of Buildings

Module - 4

Green Building rating Systems- BREEAM – LEED – GREEN STAR -GRIHA ( Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) for new buildings – Purpose – Key highlights – Point System with Differential weight age. Green Design – Definition – Principles of sustainable development in Building Design – Characteristics of Sustainable Buildings – Sustainably managed Materials – Integrated Lifecycle design of Materials and Structures (Concepts only)

Module - 5

Utility of Solar Energy in Buildings: Utility of Solar energy in buildings concepts of Solar Passive Cooling and Heating of Buildings. Low Energy Cooling. Case studies of Solar Passive Cooled and Heated Buildings. Green Composites for Buildings Concepts of Green Composites. Water Utilisation in Buildings, Low Energy Approaches to Water Management. Management of Solid Wastes. Management of Sullage Water and Sewage. Urban Environment and Green Buildings. Green Cover and Built Environment.