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Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Semester : III / IV

Course Code : 18ME36B/46B

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Introduction to Metrology: Definition, objectives of metrology, Material Standards, Wavelength Standards, Classification of standards, Line and End standards, Calibration of End bars. Numerical examples. Liner measurement and angular measurements: Slip gauges-Indian standards on slip gauges, Adjustable slip gauges, Wringing of slip gauges, Problems on building of slip gauges (M87, M112), Measurement of angle-sine bar, Sine centre, Angle gauges, Optical instruments for angular measurements. Autocollimator-Applications for measuring straightness and squareness. 


System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Gauging: Definitions, Tolerance, Tolerance analysis (addition & subtraction of tolerances) Inter changeability & Selective assembly. Class &grade of tolerance, Fits, Types of fits, Numerical on limits, fit and tolerance. Hole base system & shaft base system. Taylor’s principle, Types of limit gauges, Numerical on limit gauge design. Comparators: Functional requirements, Classification, Mechanical- Johnson Mikrokator, Sigma comparators, Dial indicator, Electrical comparators, LVDT, Pneumatic comparators- Principle of back pressure, Solex comparators, Optical comparators- Zeiss ultraoptimeter.


Measurement of screw thread and gear: Terminology of screw threads, Measurement of major diameter, Minor diameter, Pitch, Angle and Effective diameter of screw threads by 2- wire and 3-wire methods, Best size wire. Screw thread gauges, Toolmaker’s microscope. Gear tooth Measurements: Tooth thickness measurement using constant chord method, Addendum, Comparator method and Base tangent method, Measurement of pitch, Concentricity, Run out and In volute profile. Gear roll tester for composite error.


Measurement system and basic concepts of measurement methods: Definition, Significance of measurement, Generalized measurement system, Static characteristics- Accuracy, Precision, Calibration, Threshold, Sensitivity, Hysteresis, Repeatability, Linearity, Loading effect, Dynamic characteristics- System response, Time delay. Errors in measurement, Classification of errors. Transducers: Transfer efficiency, Primary and Secondary transducers, Electrical transducers, Mechanical, Electronic transducers, Relative comparison of each type of transducers. Intermediate Modifying and Terminating Devices: Mechanical systems, Inherent problems, Electrical intermediate modifying devices, Input circuitry, Ballast circuit, Electronic amplifiers. Terminating devices, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Oscillographs


Applied mechanical measurement: Measurement of force, Torque, Pressure, Types of Dynamometers, Absorption dynamometer, Prony brake and Rope brake dynamometer, and Power Measuring Instruments. Use of elastic members, Bridgeman gauge, McLeod gauge, Pirani gauge. Measurement of strain and temperature: Theory of strain gauges, Types, Electrical resistance strain gauge, Preparation and mounting of Strain gauges, Gauge factor, Methods of strain measurement, temperature compensation, Resistance thermometers, Thermocouple, Law of thermocouple, Pyrometer, Optical pyrometer.