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Public Health Engineering- 21CV43

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Module - 1

Introduction: Water: Need for protected water supply, Demand of Water: Types of water demands – domestic demand, industrial, institutional and commercial demand, public use and fire demand estimation, factors affecting per capita demand, Variations in demand of water, Peak factor.
Design period and factors governing design period. Methods of population forecasting and numerical problems. Physico-chemical characteristics of water( Analysis to be conducted in laboratory session). Sampling.

Module - 2

Water Treatment: Objectives, Unit flow diagrams – significance of each unit, Aeration processLimitations and types, Sedimentation – Theory, settling tanks, types and design with numericals, Coagulation and flocculation, types of coagulants,(Optimisation of coagulant to be carried out in the laboratory),Filtration: mechanism, theory of filtration, types offilters: slow sand, rapid sand and pressure filters. Operation and cleaning. Design of slow and rapid sand filter without under drainage system (numericals)

Module - 3

Disinfection: Methods of disinfection with merits and demerits. Breakpoint of chlorination ( Analysis to be conducted in laboratory session) Softening: Lime soda and Zeolite process. Wastewater: Introduction: Need for sanitation, methods of sewage disposal, types of sewerage systems, Treatment of municipal wastewater: Wastewater characteristics( Analysis to be conducted in laboratory session): sampling, significance and techniques, physical, chemical and biological characteristics, Numericals on BOD,

Module - 4

Treatment Process: flow diagram for municipal wastewater treatment unit operations and process, Screens: types, disposal. Grit chamber, oil and grease removal. primary and secondary settling tanks (no numerical), Suspended growth system – conventional activated sludge process and its modifications.

Module - 5

Attached growth system – trickling filter, numerical on Trickling filters, bio-towers and rotating biological contactors. Principle of stabilization ponds, oxidation ditch, Sludge digesters(aerobic and anaerobic), Equalization., thickeners and drying beds.