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Water Supply & Treatment Engineering

Semester :  IV

Course Code : 18CV36

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60


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Introduction: Need for protected water supply. The demand of Water: Types of water demands -domestic demand, industrial, institutional and commercial, public use, fire demand estimation, factors affecting per capita demand, Variations in demand of water, Peak factor.
Design period and factors governing design period. Methods of population forecasting and numerical problems 


Water Treatment: Objectives, Unit flow diagrams – the significance of each unit: Sources and Characteristics of surface and subsurface sources and Suitability. Sampling: Objectives, methods and preservation techniques. Drinking water quality standards as per BIS. Effect of water quality parameters.
Intake structures – types. Factors to be considered in the selection of a site for intake structures. Aeration process, limitations, types and two film theory.


Sedimentation – theory, settling tanks, types and design. Coagulation and flocculation, Clarriflocculators (circular and rectangular). theory, types of coagulants, coagulant feeding devices. Jar test apparatus and estimation of coagulants.
Filtration: mechanism, theory of filtration, types of filters: slow sand, rapid sand and pressure filters. The operation, cleaning. Operational problems in filters. Design of slow and rapid sand filter without under drainage system 


Disinfection: Theory of disinfection. Methods of disinfection with merits and demerits. Chlorination: Break point chlorination and determination of chlorine demand. Estimation of quantity bleaching powder.
Miscellaneous treatment Process: Softening: Lime soda and Zeolite process. Estimation of Hardness. Fluoridation and De-fluoridation, Nalagonda Technique. RO and Nano filtration process with merits and demerits. 


Collection and Conveyance of water: Types of pumps with working principles and numerical Problems. Design of the economical diameter for the rising main. Pipe appurtenances, Valves, Fire hydrants and different Pipe materials with their advantages and disadvantages. Factors affecting selection of pipe material.
Distribution system: Methods: Gravity, Pumping and Combined gravity and pumping system. Types of Distribution system. Service reservoirs and their capacity determination plant units and distribution system with population forecasting for the given city.