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aritficial neural networks

Semester : VI

Course Code : 18EC642

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Introduction: Biological Neuron — Artificial Neural Model – Types of activation functions — Architecture: Feedforward and Feedback, Convex Sets, Convex Hull and Linear Separability, Non-Linear Separable Problem. XOR Problem, Multilayer Networks.
Learning: Learning Algorithms, Error correction and Gradient Descent Rule Learning objective of TLNs, Perceptron Learning Algorithm, Perceptron Convergence Theorem.


Supervised Learning: Perceptron learning and Non Separable sets, (x-Least Mean Square Learning, MSE Error surface, Steepest Descent Search, u-LMS approximate to gradient descent, Application of LMS to Noise Cancelling, Multi-layered Network Architecture, Backpropagation Learning Algorithm, Practical consideration of BP algorithm.


Support Vector Machines and Radial Basis Function: Learning from examples, Statistical Learning Theory, Support Vector Machines, SVM application to Image Classification, Radial Basis Function Regularization theory, Generalized RBF Networks, Learning in RBFNs, RBF application to face recognition.


Attractor Neural Networks: Associative Learning Attractor AssociativeMemory, Linear Associative memory, Hopfield Network, application of HopfieldNetwork, Brain State in a Box neural Network, Simulated Annealing, BoltzmannMachine, Bidirectional Associative Memory.


Self-organization Feature Map: Maximal Eigenvector Filtering, ExtractingPrincipal Components, Generalized Learning Laws, Vector Quantization, Self-organization Feature Maps, Application of SOM, Growing Neural Gas.