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virtual instrumentation

Semester : VI

Course Code : 18EC653

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Graphical System Design: Introduction, Graphical system design model, Design flow with GSD, Virtual Instrumentation, Virtual instrument and traditional instrument, Hardware and software in virtual instrumentation, Virtual instrumentation for Test, control & design, Graphical system design using LABVIEW, Graphical programming & textual programming.


Introduction to LabVIEW: Introduction, advantages of LABVIEW software environment, palettes, front panel controls & indicators, Block diagram, Data flow program. Repetition and Loops: For loops, while loops, structure tunnels, terminals inside or outside loops, shift registers, feed-back nodes, control timing, case structure.


Arrays: Introduction, arrays in LABVIEW, creating one – dimensional array controls, indicators and constants, creating two dimensional arrays, creating multidimensional arrays, initializing array, deleting, inserting, and replacing elements, rows, columns, and pages with in arrays, arrays functions.


Plotting Data: Types of waveforms, waveform graphs, waveform charts, XY graphs, Intensity graphs & charts, Digital waveform graphs, 3D graphs, customizing graphs & charts, configuring a graph or chart, Displaying special planners on the XY graph.


File Input/ Output: File formats, file write &read, generating filenames automatically, String handling: string functions, LABVIEW string formats, parsing of strings. Instrument Control: Introduction, GPIB communication, Hardware specification, software architecture, Instrument I/O assistant, VISA, Instrument drivers, serial port communications, using other interfaces.