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Semester :  I/II

Course Code : 18CPS13/23

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

c programming for problem solving


Module – 1
Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software: Computer generations, computer types, bits, bytes and words, CPU, Primary memory, Secondary memory, ports and connections, input devices, output devices, Computers in a network, Network hardware, Software basics, software types.
Overview of C: Basic structure of C program, executing a C program. Constant, variable and data types, Operators and expressions,

Module – 2
Managing Input and output operations. Conditional Branching and Loops. Example programs, Finding roots of a quadratic equation, computation of binomial coefficients, plotting of Pascal’s triangle.

Module – 3
Arrays: Arrays (1-D, 2-D), Character arrays and Strings, Basic Algorithms: Searching and Sorting Algorithms (Linear search, Binary search, Bubble sort and Selection sort.

Module – 4
User-Defined Functions and Recursion. Example programs, Finding Factorial of positive integers and Fibonacci Series.

Module – 5
Structure and Pointers, Preprocessor Directives