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technical english-2
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Module – 1
Identifying Common Errors in writing and speaking English
Subject Verb Agreement (Concord Rules with Exercises), Common errors in Subject-verb agreement, Noun-pronoun agreement, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Sequence of Tenses, Misplaced modifiers, Articles and Prepositions, Common errors in Conjunctions, Word Order, Errors due to the Confusion of words, Common errors in the use of Idioms and phrases, Gender, Singular & Plural.

Module – 2
Nature and Style of sensible writing
Organizing Principles of Paragraphs in Documents, Writing Introduction and Conclusion, Importance of Proper Punctuation, The Art of Condensation (Precise writing) and Techniques in Essay writing, Common Errors due to Indianism in English Communication, Redundancies & Clichės.

Module – 3
Technical Reading and Writing Practices
Effective Technical Reading and Writing Practices, Technical Reports writing and Technical Proposals Writing. Grammar – Voice (Active and Passive Voices) and Reported Speech, Vocabulary Analogies, Words Confused/Misused, Collocations. The Listening Comprehension, Spotting Error Exercises, Sentence Improvement Exercises, Cloze Test and Theme Detection Exercises.

Module – 4
Communication for Employment
Components of a Formal Letter, Formats and Types of Business Letters, Model Letter of Application (Cover Letter) with Resume, Email and Blog Writing, Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension.

Module – 5
Communication at Workplace
Interpersonal Communication Skills, Non-Verbal Communication Skills (Body Language), Group Discussion and Employment Interviews, Presentation skills and Formal Presentations by Students, Dialogues in Various Situations (Practical Sessions by Students).