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technical english-1

technical english- 1 (module 1- module 5) for 1st year students(CBCS 18EGH18) Notes Download.



Module – 1
Introduction to Technical Communication
Fundamentals of Technical Communication skills, Barriers to effective communication skills, How to improve interpersonal communication skills, Developing Interpersonal Skills.
Grammar: Basic English Grammar and Parts of Speech – Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Preposition, Articles, Conjunctions.

Module – 2
Introduction to listening skills and phonetics-1
introduction to phonetics sounds mispronounced,  silent and non-silent letter, homophones and homonyms, aspiration, pronunciation of ‘the’, words ending ‘age’, some plural forms,
Articles: Use of Articles-Indefinite and definite Articles.

Module – 3
Developing Listening Skills (Phonetics and Vocabulary Building) – II
Speech Sounds: Vowels and Consonants – Exercises on it. Preposition, kinds of
Preposition and Prepositions often Confused. Word Accent – Rules for Word
Accent, Stress Shift, Question Tags, Question Tags for Assertive
Sentences(Statements)-Some Exceptions in Question Tags and Exercises, One
Word Substitutes and Exercises.
Vocabulary – Synonyms and Antonyms, Exercises on it.

Module – 4
Speaking Skills (Grammar and Vocabulary)-I
Syllables, Structures, Strong and Weak forms of words, Words formation –
Prefixes and Suffixes (Vocabulary), Contractions and Abbreviations.
Spelling Rules and Words often Misspelt – Exercises on it. Word Pairs (Minimal
Pairs)- Exercises, The Sequence of Tenses ( Rules in use of Tenses) and Exercises on it.

Module – 5
Speaking Skills (Grammar and Vocabulary)-II
Extempore/Public Speaking, Diffeèrence between Extempore/Public Speaking, and Guidelines for Practice. Mother Tongue Influence(MTI) – South Indian Speakers, Various Techniques for Neutralisation of Mother Tongue Influence Comprehension Exercises. Information Transfer Oral Presentation Examples. Common Errors in Pronunciation.