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electrical machine design

Semester V 

Course Code : 18EE55

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Fundamental Aspects of Electrical Machine Design: Design of Machines, Design Factors, Limitations in design, Modern Trends in design, manufacturing Techniques.
Electrical Engineering Materials: Desirabilities of Conducting Materials, Comparison of Aluminium and Copper wires. Ferromagnetic Materials: Soft Magnetic materials – Solid Core Materials, Electrical Sheet and Strip, Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel. Insulating Materials: Desirable Properties, Temperature Rise and Insulating Materials, Classification of Insulating materials based on Thermal Consideration.ctions of operations, properties of systems. 


Design of DC Machines: Output Equation, Choice of Specific Loadings and Choice of Number of Poles, Main Dimensions of armature, Design of Armature Slot Dimensions, Commutator and Brushes. Estimation of Ampere Turns for the Magnetic Circuit. Dimensions of Yoke, Main Pole and Air Gap. Design of Shunt and Series Field Windings. 


Design of Transformers: Output Equations of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers, Choice of Specific Loadings, Expression for Volts/Turn, Determination of Main Dimensions of the Core, Estimation of Number of Turns and Conductor Cross Sectional area of Primary and Secondary Windings, No Load Current. Expression for the Leakage Reactance of core type transformer with concentric coils, and calculation of Voltage Regulation. Design of Tank and Cooling (Round and Rectangular) Tubes. 


Design of Three Phase Induction Motors: Output Equation, Choice of Specific Loadings, Main Dimensions of Stator. Design of stator slots and Winding, Choice of Length Air Gap, Estimation of Number of Slots for Squirrel Cage Rotor. Design of Rotor Bars and End Ring. Design of Slip Ring rotor. Estimation of No Load Current and Leakage Reactance. 


Design of Three Phase Synchronous Machines: Output Equation, Choice of Specific Loadings, Short Circuit Ratio, Main Dimensions of Stator. Design of stator slots and Winding. Design of Salient and non- salient Pole Rotors. Magnetic Circuit and Field Winding.