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power electronics

Semester :  V

Course Code : 18EE53

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Introduction: Applications of Power Electronics, Types of Power Electronic Circuits, Peripheral Effects, Characteristics and Specifications of Switches. Power Diodes: Introduction, Diode Characteristics, Reverse Recovery Characteristics, Power Diode Types, Silicon Carbide Diodes, Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes, Freewheeling diodes, Freewheeling diodes with RL load. Diode Rectifiers: Introduction, Diode Circuits with DC Source connected to R and RL load, Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifiers with R load, Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier with RL Load.


Power Transistors: Introduction, Power MOSFETs – Steady-State Characteristics, Switching Characteristics Bipolar Junction Transistors – Steady-State Characteristics, Switching Characteristics, Switching Limits, IGBTs, MOSFET Gate Drive, BJT Base Drive, Isolation of Gate and Base Drives, Pulse transformers and Opto-couplers


Thyristors: Introduction, Thyristor Characteristics, Two-Transistor Model of Thyristor, Thyristor Turn-On, Thyristor Turn-Off, A brief study on Thyristor Types, Series Operation of Thyristors, Parallel Operation of Thyristors, di/dtProtection, dv/dtProtection, DIACs, Thyristor Firing Circuits, Unijunction Transistor.


Controlled Rectifiers: Introduction, Single phase half-wave circuit with RL Load, Single phase half-wave circuit with RL Load and Freewheeling Diode, Single phase half-wave circuit with RLE Load, Single-Phase Full Converters with RLE Load, Single-Phase Dual Converters, Principle of operation of Three- Phase duel Converters.
AC Voltage Controllers: Introduction, Principle of phase control & Integral cycle control, Single-Phase Full-Wave Controllers with Resistive Loads, Single- Phase Full-Wave Controllers with Inductive Loads, Three-Phase Full-Wave Controllers


DC-DC Converters: Introduction, the principle of a step-down and step-up chopper with RL load, performance parameters, DC-DC converter classification.
DC-AC Converters: Introduction, the principle of operation single-phase bridge inverters, three-phase bridge inverters, voltage control of single-phase inverters, Harmonic reductions, Current source inverters