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management and entrepreneurship

Semester :  V

Course Code : 18EE51

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Management: Definition, Importance – Nature and Characteristics of Management, Management Functions, Roles of Manager, Levels of Management, Managerial Skills, Management & Administration, Management as a Science, Art &Profession.
Planning: Nature, Importance and Purpose Of Planning, Types of Plans, Steps in Planning, Limitations of Planning, Decision Making – Meaning, Types of Decisions- Steps in Decision Making.


Organizing and Staffing: Meaning, Nature and Characteristics of Organization – Process of Organization, Principles of Organization, Departmentalization, Committees – meaning, Types of Committees, Centralization Versus Decentralization of Authority and Responsibility, Span of Control (Definition only), Nature and Importance of Staffing, Process of Selection and Recruitment.
Directing and Controlling: Meaning and Nature of Directing-Leadership Styles, Motivation Theories Communication – Meaning and Importance, Coordination- Meaning and Importance, Techniques of Coordination. Controlling – Meaning, Steps in Controlling. 


Social Responsibilities of Business: Meaning of Social Responsibility, Social Responsibilities of Business towards Different Groups, Social Audit, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance. Entrepreneurship: Definition of Entrepreneur, Importance of Entrepreneurship, concepts of Entrepreneurship, Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneur, Classification of Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneur – An Emerging Class, Comparison between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur, Myths of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Development models, Entrepreneurial development cycle, Problems faced by Entrepreneurs and capacity building for


Modern Small Business Enterprises: Role of Small Scale Industries, Concepts and definitions of SSI Enterprises, Government policy and development of the Small Scale sector in India, Growth and Performance of Small Scale Industries in India, Sickness in SSI sector, Problems for Small Scale Industries, Impact of Globalization on SSI, Impact of WTO/GATT on SSIs, Ancillary Industry and Tiny Industry (Definition only).
Institutional Support for Business Enterprises: Introduction, Policies & Schemes of Central–Level Institutions, State-Level Institutions.


Project Management: Meaning of Project, Project Objectives & Characteristics, Project Identification-Meaning & Importance; Project Life Cycle, Project Scheduling, Capital Budgeting, Generating an Investment Project Proposal, Project Report-Need and Significance of Report, Contents, Formulation, Project Analysis-Market, Technical, Financial, Economic, Ecological, Project Evaluation and Selection, Project Financing, Project Implementation Phase, Human & Administrative aspects of Project Management, Prerequisites for Successful Project Implementation.
New Control Techniques- PERT and CPM, Steps involved in developing the network, Uses and Limitations of PERT and CPM.