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high voltage engineering

Semester :  V

Course Code : 18EE56

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60




Conduction and Breakdown in Gases: Gases as InsulatingMedia, Collision Process, Ionization Processes, Townsend’s Current Growth Equation, Current Growth in the Presence of Secondary Processes, Townsend’s Criterion for Breakdown, Experimental Determination of Coefficients α and γ, Breakdown in Electronegative Gases, Time Lags for Breakdown, Streamer Theory of Breakdown in Gases, Paschen’s Law, Breakdown in Non-Uniform Fields and Corona Discharges.
Conduction and Breakdown in Liquid Dielectrics: Liquids as Insulators, Pure Liquids and Commercial Liquids, Conduction and Breakdown in Pure Liquids, Conduction and Breakdown in Commercial Liquids.
Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics: Introduction, Intrinsic Breakdown, Electromechanical Breakdown, Thermal Breakdown. 


Generation of High Voltages and Currents: Generation of High Direct Current Voltages, Generation of High Alternating Voltages, Generation of Impulse Voltages, Generation of Impulse Currents, Tripping and Control of Impulse Generators.


Measurement of High Voltages and Currents: Measurement of High Direct Current Voltages, Measurement of High AC and Impulse Voltages, Measurement of High Currents – Direct, Alternating and Impulse, Cathode Ray Oscillographs for Impulse Voltage and Current Measurements. 


Overvoltage Phenomenon and Insulation Coordination in Electric Power Systems: National Causes for Overvoltages – Lightning Phenomenon, Overvoltage due to Switching Surges, System Faults and Other Abnormal, Principles of Insulation Coordination on High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Power Systems.


Non-Destructive Testing of Materials and Electrical Apparatus: Introduction, Measurement of Dielectric Constant and Loss Factor, Partial Discharge Measurements.
High Voltage Testing of Electrical Apparatus: Testing of Insulators and Bushings, Testing of Isolators and Circuit Breakers, Testing of Cables, Testing of Transformers, Testing of Surge Arrestors, Radio Interference Measurements, Testing of HVDC Valves and Equipment.