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Human Resource Management (22MBA21) VTU MBA Notes

Module - 1

Introduction HRM: Introduction, meaning, nature, scope of HRM, Importance and Evolution of the concept of HRM, Major functions of HRM, Principles of HRM. Human Resource Management and Personnel Management, Models of Human Resource Management, HRM in India, The Factors Influencing Human Resource Management, The HR Competencies, Human Resource Management and Firm Performance.

Module - 2

HR Planning: Importance of HR Planning, Manpower Planning to HR Planning, Factors Affecting HR Planning, Benefits of HR Planning, HRP Process, Tools for Demand Forecasting, Attributes of an Effective HR Planning, Barriers to HR Planning, The Challenges for HR, Process of Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Evaluation. Recruitment and Selection: Importance of Recruitment, Recruitment Policies, Factors Influencing Recruitment, Recruitment Process, Sources, Evaluation of Recruitment Process, Recruitment Strategy, Future Trends in Recruitment; Selection Process; Selection Tests; Factors Influencing Selections.

Module - 3

Performance Management and Appraisal: Objectives of Performance Management, Performance Management and Performance Appraisal, Common Problems with Performance Appraisals, Performance Management Process, Types of Performance Rating Systems, Future of Performance Management. Compensation and Benefits: Introduction, Definitions, Total Compensation, Total Rewards System, Forms of Pay, External and Internal Factors, Establishing Pay Rates, Employee Benefits. Industrial Relations: Decent Workplace, International Labour Organisation, Industrial Relations, The Objectives of Industrial Relations, Approaches of Industrial Relations Systems, The Actors in Industrial Relations, Indian Context, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

Module - 4

Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Enterprises: Introduction to SMEs, The Difference in Adoption of Human Resource Management, SMEs and Large Firms, Indian Experience, Impact of Weak Adoption of Human Resource Management in SMEs, Human Resource Management in the Service Sector: Introduction, The Emergence of the Services Sector, Implications for Human Resource, Management Function, Differences Between Services Sector and the Manufacturing Sector, Difference in Human Resource Management in Services and Manufacturing Sectors, Human Resource Management and Service Quality Correlation, Trade Unions in Services Sector, Models of Union Strategies.

Module - 5

Human Resource Management and Innovations: Factors Affecting the Innovation Process in organisations, Current Trends in Human Resource Management, Innovative Human Resource Management Practices in India, Sustainable and innovative Human Resource Management.

Module - 6

Future trends in Human Resource Management: Hybrid work model, Employee skill development, Internal mobility, Diversity and inclusion in workforce, People analytics, Employee well-being, Multi-generational workforces and All-in-One HR tools.