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kinematics of machines

Semester : IV

Course Code : 18ME44

CIE Marks : 40                       SEE Marks : 60

 Module – 1

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 Module – 2

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 Module – 3

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 Module – 4

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 Module – 5

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Mechanisms: Definitions: Link , types of links, joint, types of joints kinematic pairs, Constrained motion, kinematic chain, mechanism and types , degrees of freedom of planar mechanisms, Equivalent mechanisms, Groshoff’s criteria and types of four bar mechanisms, , inversions of of four bar chain, slider crank chain, Doubler slider crank chain and its inversions, Grashoff’s chain. Mechanisms: Quick return motion mechanismsDrag link mechanism, Whitworth mechanism and Crank and slotted lever Mechanism. Straight line motion mechanisms, Peaucellier’s mechanism and Robert’s mechanism. Intermittent Motion mechanisms: Geneva wheel mechanism, Ratchet and Pawl mechanism, toggle mechanism, pantograph, condition for correct steering, Ackerman steering gear mechanism.


Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Graphical Method): Velocity and acceleration analysis of four bar mechanism, slider crank mechanism. Mechanism illustrating Corioli’s component of acceleration. Angular velocity and angular acceleration of links, velocity of rubbing. Velocity Analysis by Instantaneous Center Method: Definition, Kennedy’s theorem, Determination of linear and angular velocity using instantaneous center method. 


Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Analytical Method): Velocity and acceleration analysis of four bar mechanism, slider crank mechanism using complex algebra method. Freudenstein’s equation for four bar mechanism and slider crank mechanism. Function Generation for four bar mechanism. 


Cams: Classification of cams, Types of followers, Cam nomenclature, Follower motions and motion analysis, of SHM, Motion with uniform acceleration and deceleration, uniform velocity, cycloidal motion, Cam profile with offset knife edge follower, roller follower, flat faced follower. 


Spur Gears: Gear terminology, law of gearing, path of contact, arc of contact, contact ratio of spur gear. Interference in involute gears, methods of avoiding interference, condition and expressions for minimum number of teeth to avoid interference. Gear Trains: Simple gear trains, compound gear trains. Epicyclic gear trains: Algebraic and tabular methods of finding velocity ratio of epicyclic gear trains, torque calculation in epicyclic gear trains.